Satanische Helden
A 2011-2016 (pre<->post) Middle-east journey


"Considera il compimento di ogni cosa e solo allora te ne distaccherai."


In 2011 in full premonition than politically dynamic that only a conceptual work, can be born Satanische Helden.
The work that wanted to basics consist of a trilogy on civilization and its religions of the Middle East and the influence they have had on the "western" world was then placed in a broader context for the geo-political dynamics of recent years and in particular has evolved into a critical compared to the only democratic country defined the Middle East that Israel and especially the Zionist ideology.
The work wants to be a discussion on conceptual religious dynamics that have shaped our vision of a world we know only in a trivial and superficial.

Music Works:

2012-> Satanische Helden cd for Industrial Culture

2013->Ardat Lili cd for Mask of the Slave (with Uncodified, LCB, TSIDMZ)

2014->Haram Wounds tape for Mask of the Slave (with LCB)

2015->Hommage a Leda Rafanelli cdr (with nihilNONorgan)

2015->Le due rose di Costantinopoli cdr for Skullline (with TSIDMZ)

2016-> Belet Ili cd for Mask of the Slave (with Orghanon, Daniele Santagiuliana, Fk drone)


Visual Works:



Hommage a Leda Rafanelli (live)



Satanische Helden