-Svart1 audio/visual solo performance-

-video installation with sound | music and visuals by Svart1 | format: 16:9 | time: 00:33:30-




DER SCHNITTER is defined by a persistent use of images and topics coming from a psychological, sadomasochist and self-destructive background, inspired by a widespread desecrating attitude, sometimes profane towards religious symbols represented by the thinness of a woman unconsciously responsible of the body’s functions and of her sexual acts. It represents the experience of a progressive passage, that implies a “renewing death”.
Video and related sounds, basically of post-industrial features, go along the trip of human body’s decomposition, a body which is then covered by a “white blood” as a symbol of purity renewing in small actions that pervade the surrounding, sometimes disconnected and unpredictable, sometimes designed in details.
Such actions, sliding unconsciously towards the mise-en scène of parareligious rituals referred to the Christian liturgy and to the classical Greek tragedy, include both erotic and disgusting feelings without a solution of continuity.
The end will be the rebirth.




<<<Technical Smart Sheet >>>

4/5 CRT 14" OR 19" (Cathode TV), 2 Speakers or 4/5 earphones connected to CRT. Dark cool place





Der Schnitter promo video

Track #3

Track #6




<<<Past Exibitions and Release>>>

Performed in Cagliari, Italy for Solo il mio nero #1 (2o11)

Performed in Zagreb, Croatia at Tvornica Kulture (2o11)

Performed in Berlin, Germany for Schlagstrom Festival (2o14)

Performed in Rome, Italy for Destination Morgue (2o16)

Limited Tape release for Mask of the Slave Records (2o11) (SOLD OUT)



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